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Established in 1993

Innovation and Quality in Animal Food Colors in the United States

DIEX, a laboratory with industrial capabilities, stands as the forefront entity in crafting micro-ingredients for Petfood across Europe. Known for its deep-seated expertise in coloring animal feed, DIEX offers customizable ingredient solutions to cater to diverse industrial processes, including dry, wet, or snack forms. This proficiency is conducted with the highest regard for Social and Environmental Responsibility, earning the prestigious ECOVADIS gold medal for its efforts.

Unlimited Possibilities

Why Choose Our Food Colors for Animals?

The inception of Effercol® technology has revolutionized the realm of colorants and pigments, integrating exceptional properties to align with health and industrial standards. Health-wise, it significantly mitigates heavy metals by 30 to 40% and eradicates nano-particles, presenting a safer alternative for consumers and the environment.

Industrially, it addresses manufacturing hurdles by eliminating dust and ensuring auto-dispersion in cold water, thereby streamlining production processes. This innovative stride not only prioritizes health and safety but also refines functionality, positioning Effercol® as the pinnacle of healthy and efficient color solutions in the market.

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Technology and Innovation

DIEX’s foundation is deeply rooted in research and development (R&D), setting it apart in the industry with a forward-thinking approach. The company’s impressive portfolio of patents underscores its dedication to pioneering new technologies and solutions, reflecting its role as a trailblazer in the development of unique and effective products. This commitment to R&D and innovation is central to DIEX’s mission, ensuring its continued leadership at the cutting edge of advancements in the sector.



Commitment to Quality and Safety

DIEX’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety is evident through its various certifications and awards, including the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications. These accolades not only highlight DIEX’s excellence in quality management and food safety but also its dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices, as recognized by the ECOVADIS gold medal. This holistic approach to quality, safety, and sustainability cements DIEX’s position as a trusted leader in the pet food industry.

Gold Medal Ecovadis
ISO 22000

How Our Dyes Can Transform Your Product

The colorants and pigments developed by DIEX, often derived from natural sources, play a pivotal role in reinforcing the marketing messages of industrial consumers. These essential components do more than just add visual appeal; they communicate a culture, embodying the essence and values of the brand they represent.

By carefully selecting and applying these colors, DIEX enables companies to convey a distinct nutritional positioning, aligning the product’s appearance with its health and wellness attributes. This strategic use of color not only enhances product differentiation in a crowded marketplace but also engages consumers on a deeper level, allowing them to intuitively understand the product’s value proposition through its visual presentation. In this way, DIEX’s colorants and pigments are not just ingredients; they are integral to storytelling, helping brands to visually articulate their unique identity, ethos, and commitment to quality, thereby becoming indispensable allies in the marketing strategies of industrial consumers.


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DIEX’s role in the animal food color industry is unparalleled, driven by innovation, quality, and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As the industry evolves, DIEX continues to lead the way in developing sustainable, safe, and effective color solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers alike, promising a vibrant future for pet food aesthetics.


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